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WordPress Sites Promotion

WordPress is considered the popular CMS around the world. The platform was created for bloggers who do not need sites with a complex structure. Everybody happily use this platform all around the world and with every year it develop more and more. Today more than 40% of websites uses this platform.

You can agree with me that if more than 60,000 websites use this platform it’s a world power. For a small businesses WordPress platform is the best option for them.

You need a simple store to promote your brand online or sell products?

Want to run your own blog or create a website of information sources with the simplest design?

If your answer is yes, so this is the best option for you!

In the first stage of building the website, it is very easy to find a ready design because WordPress has many ready-made design templates. Among the great advantages of WordPress is the many design templates and ready to use. Also, you can buy a unique templates just for you or you can choose one of the free ones, it’s up all to you. Even programmer that’s just started to work without any experience can create a website based on a free design template and he should not be a talented programmer for it. Of course, it is always worthwhile for professional people to create a professional website for you that suits your personal needs, because finding a template that will expose your product to 100% is impossible. Of course the recommendation is that only professional people will create a professional website for you, tailored to your personal needs. Because finding a template alone that will reveal the essence of your product by 100% is almost impossible to perform alone. The experts can execute all your requests and ideas, and creating a website on this platform will not be expensive. Another advantage is that you do not need to create a site optimized for mobile devices. Now the platform does all the dirty work for you by providing high comfort for your web managers or you. And the biggest advantage is that the platform is free of charge and there is a large amount of free design templates for the site owners. The interface is so simple that filling out content on the site or deleting user comments can be done even be a child. Note that the speed of your site will depend on your storage server, but most of the speed is high. The platform is perfect for Google’s index because it has developed a great impression on WordPress in the Google search engine. Promoting WordPress sites can be done easily with the simple optimization of SEO.

What did you get if you build your website by WordPress platform?

A free opportunity to create and improve the site in the future at any time. You can always edit your site under new ideas and continue to work with them at ease. And all this is completely free. Use the cross-platform advantage, which does not require storage servers beyond the usual requirements. You will need to use PHP MySQL database and models, it’s difficult to say that the system requirements are high, the platform is ready to provide the maximum result in the minimum requirements.

Another worthy detail is the visual editor, which is very similar to the well-known Microsoft Word menu. This means that every task you need to do is very simple, because embedding images or content will not create any problems, just a few clicks on the mouse. By the way, although many web managers do not trust the platform, they believe that hacking protection is at low-level, but in fact WordPress protects well the data from fraudulent attempts. This has shown that 60 million publishers have chosen to use this particular platform.

So how do you start?

The install of the website usually take just a few minutes. In 5-10 minutes the user will install all files to the hosting server and can upload the site to the network. This means that within an hour, visitors will be able to get to know your site, and you will start developing the site in an attempt to increase your audience each day. So all that remains is to decide which template to choose for your future site and start working on the content for it. Thousands of designers each day create a large number of new design templates, making it easy to choose what works for you.

Most WordPress users are bloggers, because uploading content to the site is possible even when you are without WIFI.

This way work employees information sites, online stores, and even video galleries of photographers who like to share their creations.

Simple use for software professionals

Optimizing the site work for different purposes is very simple. The platform is surprisingly good in its universality, and you can work on several different projects simultaneously. For example, you can run a blog, at the same time promote your online store, and take the first steps in building your business.

Another worthy detail is the plugins, which work with the visual editor and the SEO settings. There are no network components missing for the plugins. In fact it is very easy to find them for download online.

The interface is so obvious that it can be used not only by experts but also by amateurs or those who try to learn the website after professionals have submitted it to them on a silver platter. The appearance of the site and improving the settings under your requirements will not create any problems.

WordPress code are open for everybody. Website manager can change any aspect of the design.  

Optimization does not create any problem, since transferring resources to WordPress is a pleasure. Google indexes all the pages on the site, which have already been proven by site owners who own many sites. Just compare the process and speed of index pages by Yandex and Google that created on different platforms. Some of them are very complicated, Google likes simplicity. It easily indexes and indexes articles or images almost immediately after uploading them to the web. A site that is open to the index, will quickly bring you new visitors who will come to get useful information or product.

The platform is very popular and you can find a lot of information on it, which is very important for beginners. Free video tutorials and articles can be found everywhere. In addition, even skilled professionals will be happy to share their experience. Enjoy online learning! Today, it is much easier to learn all the nuances of a platform then a few years as per yes.

What is important is that the interface has been translated into many languages, making it easier to use. Especially those who do not understand English, Italian, German or any other European language. Russian Language – Excellent choice for webmasters from former CIS countries.

In order for you not to have problems with the WordPress site, you need to take care of the following

The quality of the hosting server, because the system requires more resources than you think. The site can work without any problem, but ensure it can only a reliable storage server only. Check the servers before the selection, the pages of the site can move slowly and not good due to choosing a bad storage server.

Additional site protection against scams. In fact, the platform is free, so it could very well be that they did not work much on defense and information security. However, this does not mean that the system is dangerous.


Joomla, which is very popular in Russia, cannot boast with platform like WordPress. Still, WordPress is considered to be appreciated all over the world, and system analysis shows that it is not in vain.

Order a WordPress site and you can enjoy the work of professionals who are ready to take on all the stages of development – from the planning stage to uploading the site to the server storage and content filling.

The site is too important to you, but you do not believe in your abilities? Take risks! Trust the professionals and enjoy the benefits of WordPress. Contact with us!