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Web development in Ukraine


Today I want to talk  with you about new area that have been grooving more and more for last few years. The demand to outsourcing web developers is also growing.


 So what is the outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the transfer of work in any type of work to any company that can make it.

So why company do this?

There are many reasons why many companies today outsourcing, in this article we going to talk about some of them.

Their area of ​​specialization differs from the specific need, so instead of training an employee for the purpose of doing a small or large job, they prefer to take third party expert that know how to do the specific work without a headache for them.

Saving budgets, the difference in prices between countries is different and even very significant.

For example to develop application in Israel the prices are very high about 50,000$ and in Ukraine the average price is 20,000$.

Companies that looking to expand activities in their business but do not want to increase their local staff. 

Web developing in Ukraine to whom is this good?

The million question, we going to observe all the risk and benefits and try to answer the question. First of all before we need to understand why we need outsourcing services I thank that this is the questions that we need to ask ourselves ant the beginning. 

Does my budget too low that it make it impossible to develop the product that I want in my country?

Does my budget allow me develop the product in another country?

Do I have sufficient technological knowledge?

You should know if you received the full amount you paid for.  If the budget does not allow you to develop the product in your country but it is possible to develop it in a foreign country and you have basic technological knowledge, it is worth examining the changes that you are getting for the price. The added benefit is if you are speaking foreign languages ​​like English or Russian. In this case most likely developing a website in Ukraine can suit you.But If you don’t have any technological knowledge, it is not recommended to you develop the website in Ukraine because you can lose the money.

Do not worry, they’re methods that can overcome the disadvantages. For example, if you do not have technological knowledge, you can take a project manager in your country that can find for you a good programmer or hire companies that have programmers in Ukraine (like our company), And it will also help you to overcome the language barrier.

How much does it cost to build a site in Ukraine?

The price of the project will be based on a large number of factors, the most important of the technical task (relevant to each country). The price range of a WordPress programmer in Ukraine for example ranges can be between 5$ per hour (Freelancer Jr.) to 40$ per hour (small company, freelancer expert). The normal price for a good programmer per hour is 15$. Different platforms can achieve different prices, for example:Magneto programmer can cost you something between 25$-80$.

The FULL STACK programmer in React Technologies, Angular + Node Js will cost 20$ to 60$ per hour.

 3 ways to build a website in Ukraine

Mostly the work done by the freelancers there.There are several websites that you can use to find freelancers, here are some of the main:

https://www.fl.ru – Here you can find freelancers from Ukraine and Russia.

http://freelance.ru  – Here you can find freelancers from Ukraine and Russia.

https://freelancehunt.com – Here you can find freelancers from Ukraine.

https://www.upwork.com – Here you can find freelancers worldwide.

https://www.freelancer.com – Here you can find freelancers worldwide. 

Small tips

 Freelancers who do not speak English their payment per hour will be cheaper than those who can speak because a lot of the English speakers usually work with international companies, and the wages of these companies much higher than the average wage in Ukraine. Therefore the limitations of language make it difficult for them to enter international markets and leave them within the boundaries of the Russian-speaking countries so the prices are cheaper.So if you have sufficient knowledge of the Russian language, it is much recommended to you, to choose local freelancers who speaks only Russian or Ukrainian. 
In Ukraine it is customary to take 50% down payment for small projects (up to 2000$) or at least 15% down payment on large projects along with several milestones and payments according to progress process.I can recommend you to use the Armored Armor platforms on one of the websites I mentioned above.
The websites use different methods to save your money, and most of the payment is saved as long as we do not approve the first milestone in work and your payment approval.Do not send any money directly to them even if you get a good discount. Money that does not go through one of these platforms could just get lost with the freelancer (Unfortunately there were cases where freelancers took advances on projects and then disappeared along with the money). Also check all the offers you receive in one of the websites So that you will not fall on a fabricated account. 

Here’s a real case that happened to me.

I hired a freelancer through https://freelancehunt.com, Of course I kept money in the system. The freelancer had excellent reviews, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.
He started to work, and at the end he handed me a text that was copied in 90% from another site (I found that after I checking the text with tools that can check if it is an originally or copied), I sent him a message that I was not happy with his job. The freelancer refused to agree with me that he had done something wrong, he left on my page a negative review and sent a request to withdraw the money deposited in the trust account. Of course, I wrote to the managers of the site and I told them the whole story, luckily my money was returned to me and his review was deleted and even more the freelancer was removed from the site. In that case, if I had transferred the money directly to him without any protection, I would not see my money anymore. A really big tip- If your website’s goal to earn money, sell a product, bring new costumers, or even improve your image never tempted to for a cheap price. If you get a price range 1000$-2000$, and you suddenly see someone who agrees to do it for 200$-300$ I recommend to you to stay away! Too bad for the money thrown in the trash and the time you’ll lose.


 To whom is suitable to develop a product with freelancers?

My recommendation is for small to medium projects only, projects that do not require the skill of full team! If you want to build a WordPress website or a simple store or an image site then this option will suit you.

 Website develop by a development company in Ukraine

My recommendation is for big or medium projects, projects that you need a big team with many skills.

 Very important tips

Choose companies with a rich portfolio, after you saw the portfolio than you always need to have a small talk with the owner of the company. Sometimes the portfolio can be fake, so you can send an email to the website owners and get there review about the company (speak with how many owners you can to get a better picture about the company).

Ask for resumes of the team that going to be involved in your project, serious companies can give you the resumes quickly and without any problem (if they’re a good one).

Ask them about their work methods, with which project management systems they work, and what method of code writing they use And how often you can do QA on the code they write, what documents they will provide you. You will need access to the repository in the GIT environment.

Payments by milestones and only after final approval, each payment should be for actual work, and each part of the code should be in your possession after payment (always have a backup). Never get to the point where you paid 80% of the price and you do not even have one percent of complete code.

Always leave 20% of the fee after the final approval of the project – it will be an incentive to carry out the project with a minimum of repairs.Always sign on the contract and NDA.

You can request their trial period and testing before the first down payment! – A large part of the companies will not agree to this, but some will be ready if the project is big and economic for them.

At the end of the project, hire an external QA to overlap of the code and know how to compare the consideration to the requirements and characterization.


Establishment of a development team  

It is very suitable for large projects that require continued maintenance or development. If your project is for a period of six months or more and you have time and administrative capabilities, you should consider setting up a dedicated team for the project.


 Very important tips Always work with TIME TRACKER. In our company we use https://app.yaware.com.ua/ 

What is this?

Time Tracker is a tool for tracking the work time of your employees.

It allows to you to make screenshots, video shooting, productivity analysis.

Never hire an employee who will object to this (Maybe he just wants to work in several jobs at the same time which will make it another ineffective freelance).

Take PM – Project Manager, a project manager who can track progress, work smartly, arrange tasks and report to you (The average project manager earns 500$-1000$ per month,All depending on his experience).

 It’s easier to work with team managing system like Trello-http://trello.com.You can divide the project on milestone and the millstones into small tasks (This way without too delve into each task you will see a snapshot of the entire project). For example,If you will take employees who worked in companies and not former freelancers, in most cases freelancer will have less knowledge and experience than a company employee, there is nothing like group learning and learning from different people. Team calls – it’s very imported to have in every day at least one short conversation about the tasks for today and the tasks that where yesterday.it more comfortable to review the goals and it gives more energy to do more. It’s recommended that the new team member first of all will take tastes before he start to work (it can give you more vide picture about his knowledge). All the conditions must be mentioned in a job interview and in the work contract. 

How can you find your employees?

Job search websites like http://work.ua/   – a very convenient website that has a friendly interface, many filtering options and a large repository of resumes.Manpower companies can find you suitable employees, the disadvantage of this is the price.Word of mouth, the best way to search for tweezers is by recommendations of close people.If possible, it will save a lot of headache.The best way in my opinion is to look for people through your acquaintances, saving time and search costs through websites and personnel companies. 



Building a website in Ukraine this can be a big money saving thing (in most cases). It is necessary to examine the ability of the companies to manage such a complex project that will require more skill and time.If you do the right thing, you can create great sites for half or one third of the cost and even more.Of course there are all the risks involved, but if you understand them well and you should minimize them then your chances of succeeding in the project will increase dramatically.   

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