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Promotion and development of Wix websites

No one noticed when Wix system had gained so much popularity. Today it is used by more than 80 million site owners or webmasters. Certainly, this platform is universal, and of course, it helps to create a quality website. The first version was not so perfect when it came out in 2006, but today the system fulfills all the publishers’ wishes. Over the last 11 years, the creators of the system have been able to develop the platform so it is still popular and does not lose its relevance.


This is a really good and easy system that allows you to build a site quickly and easily and it updates several times a year. The large number of updates gives to the system confidence that it will be safer and more secure against hacking. It seems that every week new features are added to the system that are worth exploring. At the beginning of the platform, it was designed for those who do not have any knowledge in the world of building sites on the Internet and are already used by programmers with seniority. Beginners and professionals have assessed the interface as user-friendly, which is easy to use even after uploading files to the hosting server. The only drawback is for the usual programming but any programming experience on the system is impossible. The only disadvantage is for programmers on the platform you cannot perform any programming.

Templates on site

You can easily find a design template for a particular type of site or niche, knowing that your choice is the best! You can work with an empty structure and create a scratch on your own. The visibility of the Wix site is highly dependent on applications. The most popular is called the wix Gallery pro, it allows to create a wide range of decoration and even collages using video and images. Working with graphics will not only benefit the site, but also it provide pleasure to the webmaster who uses all the new features of the system. You can fill the site with a huge number of additional elements for each page of the site and thus the great advantage of the platform.

Mobile-optimized templates- This option is also available for users but should be noted, that page development optimized for mobile devices should be done independently. Taking into account the color and shape of the elements, as well as the distance between the different points, it will not hurt to check what comes out at the end of the process from different mobile devices with different operating systems. The system is famous for providing the most personal design to anyone, which means that you do not need to invite professionals to build your site. In particular, it is worth trying for yourself, if you have free time and have a very basic understanding of the system.

If the leading platform was measured by the scale and quality of the templates, and wix is definitely in first place. Most templates are created at a very high level that means everything. There are so many design templates ready and they are so beautiful that you should pay attention to the details of each of them. In light of the templates in the system really will not be competitors, there is really a desire to simply stare at them.

What are the advantages of Wix

The site is very convenient to use and look. As we have already said, people without prior knowledge of programming can also learn to manipulate the system.  All applications contain a large number of settings and functions, as a result the work on it will be very simple. Of course, you can always use the professionals who already know the system and not create the site alone to achieve the best result. In Control Panel, you can change the background with different images or colors to the site. Beyond that, you can also upload a video instead an image for the back ground for your site. Among the types of items that you can add to the page are texts, picture galleries and even buttons. Images can be easily uploaded from the archive as well as from social networks. Webmasters will like to create boxes (large amounts of text with images used to create banners on the site), landing page style strips, and also change shapes when choosing any geometrical form. Another nice option that allows you to upload music files and create your own player. You can connect to all existing social networks to upload and download files from them, all in a simple and convenient way. The writing boxes can be moved on the site and this is great for those who want to create a landing page look imagine that now you do not have to spend huge amounts of money to create your site. The system is also very suitable for bloggers, not to mention the possibility of creating an online store. It is very easy to organize your store and create a really beautiful look, arrange products according to collections, models and even create a fantastic ordering page. It’s easy to prepare payment and shipping pages and even create coupons for your customers. Among all the features it is worth emphasizing the possibility of inserting programming codes.

A brief summary of all the benefits

Interface with many features

A huge amount of design templates, which will help to choose the custom website design, and not spend on that huge money.

The amount of applications and settings is simply huge, which gives the full possibilities for the webmaster.

Webmasters can even buy applications within a particular market.

The visual editor is designed for both professional and beginners alike.

The platform expertise is impressive, and the definition of surprising SEO parameters even professionals.

The number of control panel instructions is so great that novice users will be able to know all the manager’s options within a few days.

Simple sync of Standard Edition to mobile devices.

What is the price

Connected Domain is noteworthy at the price of $ 54 per year.

Combo for $ 102 a year, Unlimited $ 150, E-Commerce with a basket for online stores for $ 150, V.i.p for $ 294 that will allow you to use a huge amount of storage space and give you the effect of sending e-mail bulletins. Also the design will be original anyway.

Optimizing with Wix will be easy, because writing short content, headlines and keywords is really simple. Of course, this feature is not revolutionary and offers a wide variety of systems, but in fact it is necessary to pay for these conditions, which allow you to work quickly with SEO settings.

All that remains is to handle the content so that the pages appear in the search engines. And begin with a SOW Master that will guide you step by step to optimize your content without losing time and money.


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